I bought a 2014 hyundai elentra from myrtle Beach Hyundai dealarship...i had this car for about 3 months. When i went to buy a car i was thinking about pre owned cars so I was checking this delarship so they offered me a new car which I could afford, they were saying you don't have to worry about the car it's brand new and you dont have to fix anything. ..blah blah me and my husband bought this car...we've been having bad experience since we bought this car.

1. Had problem with VIN number. Dealer didnt give the right VIN number to the DMV ..

2. Had cracked my windshield by pebble. It took time for the fixing person to fix it...

3. Worst experience with roadside assistance

No one from dealarship told us that the car doesn't come with spare tire..when the sales person was trying to sell this car. He was trying to make the sale...didnt want to explain what car doesnt come with..

I was coming back from Florence and my tire had bubbled up and some people who drove by me stopped me and told me that i had a bubble on the tire...I drove to safer place and called roadside assistance. .told them something wrong with my tire. It took about an hour for them to get to my location..its ABC towing company. ..I didnt know where I was they said its okay were going to tow your car and not you. .I flipped out because i was scared, I had no idea where I was. ..then the guy said I can drop you off by Walmart. I felt that if I had a spare tire I could've done everything by myself but delarship didn't explain. When they were about to tow my car some one stopped us and they said let me help you and gave a donut tire..then got home safe. Next morning i went with my husband to the Hyundai dealer they didn't help us first..they just send us to service department. Their they wanted to send us somewhere else to claim a warrenty on the tire. So i was being patient even though I went through a lot of stuff I came inside the dealership and felt like talking to the sales person and try to explain everything. I want to thank Steve who took initiative and tried to fix my problems then later they tried to send me to the tire place to claim my warranty they check my tire and said they can't do anything. I felt like there was no one to help me and my husband after we went through a lot. Then I decided to talk to the dealership for the last time. So this time i spoke to the sales manager and they said they were sorry and they said they spoke to a couple of people and they said they want to give meba replacement tire. From my personal experience they should have done that from the beginning, even though they fixed my problem the experience was awful.

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I had similar bad experience with Road side assistance, My car locked out and I was keep calling the road side assistance phone number, I didn't get any help even after multiple calls and promises from road side assistance customer care professionals. I was waited for more than 90mins with my 10months old son. Finally I was able to start the car by myself and drove back home.

to Anonymous #1476415

Waited for 5 hours for fuel. Can’t believe it

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