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My Mother is 65 this year come fall, and looking forward to retirement. Unfortunately, her current car is a 98 model and needs to be replaced.

Two weeks ago I began to help her look for a vehicle. We were seriously considering the Subaru Outback, but then I remembered that the Hyundai car itself has a great warranty backed up by two of my family members that recently purchased Hyundai’s with no complaints; so online, my Mother decided on the Tucson. We made an inquiry for a quote online and I had a short conversation with a representative and let them know that we were coming in immediately as it was their month end close(30-Mar-13), and they seemed very open to making it happen. When we got there, we viewed the car, etc, then sat down for pricing as they have rebates that you can qualify for.

The sales person let us know that Hyundai was not a back and forth kind of place and that she would just go back there and they would accept or deny the offer. We then made an offer for the vehicle at a drive out price for simplicity. The sales person wrote the drive out offer down on the back of the listing for the Tucson we wanted, had my mother initial it, and took it to Anthony Hewitt, the General Sales manager of Ron Carter Hyundai in Friendswood/Clear Lake. Mr.

Hewitt accepted the drive out offer and we went to view the specific car/color that My Mom had chosen, with the worst of the visit behind us. They sent the car to get cleaned and we sat down again inside to wait to be seen by the financing personnel. The sales person came back with the invoicing/pricing for the vehicle and it was not the drive out price that Anthony Hewitt had agreed to only 15 minutes earlier, they had added tax title and license to the drive out that THEY had agreed to. We got up and left immediately.

On 45 north not 10 minutes after getting in the car, the sales person called me and said that he was now ready to sell us the car for the price he had agreed to previously. I let her know that she should put any price agreement in an email to my Mother (we had already exchanged emails), but that we were already on our way home and wouldn’t be turning around for more verbal agreements or agreements that we can’t prove occurred. She said she’d send the email right away. You will not be surprised to learn that it didn’t make it to my or my Mother’s inbox.

It was a pathetic event and Mr. Anthony Hewitt, according to his actions, is a deplorable, amoral, dishonest, unethical , twisted, and unprincipled.

He is everything that is wrong with the car business. If his actions are in line with Ron Carter, I would implore anyone reading to avoid purchasing the car from any Ron Carter any where.

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Lufkin, Texas, United States #1263636

My experience with Ron Carter was terrible! First, they tried to charge me more for the car.

Second, they tried to charge me a finance charge even though I was getting a loan through my credit union (I told them that I was not going to pay them a finance charge when I wasn't financing through them.) Third, they tried to charge me for a protective coating package that they claim to have put on the car and that it was an automatic extra charge when you buy the car (It was expensive) I said no I'm not paying for that.The car also had dents and scratches on it. After going back and forth I was tired and about to leave. The manager tried to convince me to still purchase the vehicle. He said that he would sell it for the original price, not charge me an extra finance charge, and would not charge me for the protective coating package.

He also said that he would fix the dents and scratches. I decided to still buy the car. They had my car for weeks. When I called to see if it was ready, they said yeah it's ready.

When I got there I saw that they never fixed what they said they were going to fix and they had my car just sitting there for weeks and they didn't even have the decency to call me.

And my car had new scratches on it. I will NEVER EVER purchase a vehicle from RON CARTER Friendswood TX

Houston, Texas, United States #742435

I called Ron Carter on I-45 after receiving a "trade-in letter" stating they were going to give me 20% over the real value of the car ($11,200). I have some credit issues in the past and got a horrible interest rate on my last car.

This time I called and gave all my personal information to Anthony Merchant because I wanted to make sure that the new payment would not be higher than my current payment, so I wanted him to get my credit, payoff etc.. and I wanted an assurance that it would be possible... After a while, he called and said "come over we'll take care of you and you'll be able to keep your payment at what it is now"... and I repeated myself, "are you sure, I don't want waste my time or yours" he said "sure" I drove all 40 miles to their location and after filling out the application locating the vehicle I wanted, etc... (I refused to do a test drive until I could see the actual numbers), he presented a set of options totally unaceptable and not what we had talked on the phone. They were only offering about 50% of the trade in value on their letter, the car sales price was almost $5,000 more than what their website advertised, and my monthly payment was more that 50% of what I'm currently paying.

Another example of bait and switch tactics and assumption from bad car salesmen that if they can get the customer in front of them, they would be able to make anyone buy anything. My credit might not be the best for now but that's just temporary, what is permanent is my desire to stay away from these people... Oh they gave me a $25 Shell gift card fror my troubles... WHAT A JOKE!! TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!


I agree, unfortunately we made a purchase and are now finding out the hard way. They are rude, they say anything to get you to go through with the deal.

We dealt with Gary Crow, Rudi Garcia, some guy from finance and of course Anthony Hewitt - all very RUDE. The paperwork we signed was not given to us the day we signed they promised it would be sent over night to us and 7 days later we still have not received this information.

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