brought my car in on a recall for stop light .

told the man what i came in for plus my door

light pop out from the casing and the weather

stripping on rear right door was coming off.

well waiting for one hour and forty five

minutes that was suppose to be an hour fix .

this guy dexter that was in charge told me

the light and stripping were not covered under

the warranty .i asked why not he said i did it.

i said show me any marks or damage on either

part he told me he has been doing this for a

long time .i said so what just show me where

it was my fault ,he said for $200 he will

fix it . i brought it into a collision place

around the corner from my house and in a manner

of 20 minutes and $30 it was fixed .this hyndai

service station is on pidgeon broad ave in nyc.

is a ripoff .this is why i dont use them to service

my car

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