So after being a Honda family for a good deal of time, I was convinced to look into the Hundai Sonatta. I liked the way the car looked and was convinced by the salesman at Brad Benson Hundai that the customer service would be beyond my expectations.

Three months into my lease, I was driving home and the front bumper cover began to fall off the car. I called Hundai Road Side Assistance who eventually came and picked up the car. The tow truck driver informed me that Hundai had a policy of not droping a car off after hours and since it was close to 6 and the dealer was closed, they would have to store the car over night. The nextday I called to ask if my car had been recieved, and although the woman said that they had not recieved the car yet,she promised that someone would call me back when they did.

Three hours later, and no phone call, I called again, this time a different person told me that not only did they not have my car, but that It was my resposibility to find out what Hundai Road Side Assistance had done with my car, and they had no help for me. I explained to her that if that was the customer service that they were willing to put forth, so be it, and I would find out what happened to the car myself. I then placed a call to the gentelman who had sold me the car and left him a voicemail as to the proceedings. I called hundai rode side assistance and inquired about my car.

First they asked me if my car was still at my home, when I explained to them that they had picked it up the night before, the woman said " oh yes" and then proceeded to tell me about hundai's policy of not leaving the car at a dealership. I told the that the tow truck driver had explained this to me the night before and I was merely calling to find out where my car was and when the dealer would be recieving it. After a 20 minute wait, I was informed that the car was being loaded up now and would be off to the dealer soon. (Keep in mind that this was at 11:30 am the next day).

When several hours had passed and I had not heard from the employee who had sol me the car, I called the dealer and asked to speak to the sales manager. After relaying my story, yet again, to Tom the sales manager, he really did even offer an "im sorry" but was going to find out where my car was and call me back. 20 min after I got off the phone with Tom, I recieved a call from the dealership from an individual named "DAMON" this is a person to avoid at all costs. He proceeded to inform me that they had infact recieved the car 15 min ago, and in that large amount of time he told me that it would be at least eight to nine hundred dollars to fix and he "didn't know how I wanted to proceed but maybe I should call my insurance company." My response was out of shock " excuse me?" but must have really angered him because he came back at me with " Let's not play any games", and "Your not fooling anyone" I was barked at and told that I obviously was in an accident and that I am trying to cover it up.

At this point I asked to speak to the sales manager whom I had spoke with earlier. I told him how his employee had carried on with me, and he offered no response. Instead he talked to me like I was a fool and started explaining what I needed to do. When I told him I would call back, and I asked him whom I should speak with, he told me to talk to this damon person whom I had spoken with before.

Deciding that it would not be in either party's best interest for damon and I to speak again, I asked for the name of damon's manager. Several hours later, I recieved a call from the person who sold me the car originally, I relayed the story to him as "he was off " and he told me he was shocked and appauled. 'Don't worry, Ill take care of everything" he said, and before hanging up said to me " between you and I, did you get into an accident? I was amaised and again told him " NO".

He told me he would call me back within the hour and not to worry, he would take care of everything. four hours later, he called back my wife, not me, and told her, that the service department told him to stay out of it.

I am going up to the dealer today to get my car back, I am sure the saga will continue. Do Not Go to Brad Benson Hundai

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